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California Cup

Match Play Tournament held October 22-23


The 2016 Cal Cup tournament played at the Rancho Canada golf Course in Carmel, CA was both fun and a challenge for our OC team members, Margret Miller, our OC Fun Play participant and our President/part organizer Bonnie Fannin.

 The OC 12 member team trickled North to Carmel in a variety of ways.  Some drove up Thursday in order to relax prior to Friday’s 1 p.m. practice round.  Others flew up Friday morning and one player arrived Saturday morning for the 8 a.m. shotgun start and got there just in time!

 Friday was filled with an afternoon proactive round, a 7 p.m. Rules Meeting and a yummy dinner followed with excitement!  Bonnie and Gaye got the dancing started by doing the electric slide!  After that, everyone danced for hours and had a grand time.  There was hardly room on the dance floor at times, and all of the ladies had a great time.  There were many compliments about Friday night bing the best first night of any Cal Cup.  As usual, most OC folks shared rooms and of course in the mornings there were cute comments about people talking in their sleep, rhythmical sleeping and so on.

 After Day 1 of the competition, the OC group set off in two directions.  Depending on their energy levels half went to the Carmel pier for seafood and the other half sampled fare at the hotel restaurant.

 The weather was great.  It was a bit cold in the morning but after a few holes was perfect.  The course was in good condition and we were lucky to have trees, roots, and bunkers to challenge all of us often.

 Day 1 format had 3 OC pairs playing “Better Ball” using the lower net score and 3 OC pairs playing “Alternate Shot” where partners take turns hitting one ball until the ball is in the hole for a total of 6 points available to be won.  Imagine how one partner feels when she hits a ball into a bunker or behind a tree and her partner needs to hit that next challenging shot!  It proved important to analyze the strengths of the two AS partners to enhance the pair’s chances of winning their match and being successful!  It demonstrated what great character their partners displayed. 

 Day 2 format was Singles with 12 points available to be won.  There was a total of 18 points for each team to strive for.

 Of the eight teams in the Cal Cup tournament, the final results were:

 Sonoma Marin Napa              12 points (Winner on Card-Off)

Santa Barbara                         12 points

San Francisco Bay                  101/2 points

Orange County                       9 points

San Diego                                8 points

Northeast Bay                         7.5 points

Northern Nevada                    7 points

Sacramento                            6 points

 Thanks so much to those OC Players that traveled North to Carmel especially since all had a good time!

 Summary of 2016 California Cup.pdf


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