How do I Establish a Handicap


To establish a Golf Handicap Index you must join a Golf Handicap System. The Golf Handicap System is independent of belonging to EWGA-OC, but can be facilitated through your membership to EWGA-OC. There are many Golf Handicap Systems; a few of the EWGA-OC preferred systems are described below. With all systems, you must collect and provide to the Handicap Chair a minimum of 5 attested scores to establish your initial handicap.

WSCGA, Women’s Southern California Golf Association. EWGA-OC is an authorized association of WSCGA and as such acts as the Handicap Chair for your membership with WSCGA. WSCGA provides a GHIN (Golf Handicap Index Number) that enables you to post at the golf course, online, or through mobile apps. To establish a handicap through WSCGA, email the EWGA-OC Handicap Chairperson listed below. You will be billed the $22 WSCGA annual fee through the EWGA-OC online registration system. Membership with WSCGA allows you to compete in WSCGA events. The WSCGA handicap is effective for 12 months beginning July 1 each year. You can also join WSCGA through women’s golf clubs such as Industry Hills Women’s Golf Association.

SCGA, Southern California Golf Association. Various golf courses and golf stores enable you to establish a golf handicap index through SCGA for various annual fees (approximately $50). Membership with SCGA allows you to compete in SCGA golf events. The SCGA handicap runs annually beginning on January 1. SCGA provides you with a GHIN number for golf score posting. You many inquire about an SCGA handicap through local golf courses such as Tijeras Creek and golf stores such as Roger Dunn.

WPLGASC, Women’s Publinks Golf Association Southern California. There are women’s golf clubs in the area that use the WPLGASC golf handicap system, another GHIN system, such as Costa Mesa Golf Course. The annual membership with WPLGASC begins January 1 and costs $30.

Golfnet. EWGA offers a complimentary handicap service through Golfnet. With this service you may go directly to the EWGA website and post scores using your EWGA ID number. This handicap system is recognized for EWGA sponsored events. Golfnet does not provide you with a GHIN and as such does not enable you to participate in other golf events.

If you are new and would like help, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Judy Hoyt EWGA OC Handicap Chair 949-713-4713 Linda Nichols 508-740-8009
Pat French 562-243-9276 

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