Handicap Policy


 Handicap and Score Posting Policy for EWGA Orange County March 2016 

EWGA Orange County Handicap Committee

The Handicap Committee is chartered to foster the development of new players as they establish a golf handicap and to promote and maintain the integrity of all members’ handicaps. The role of the Handicap Committee is to assure that member handicaps are accurate, provide handicap education, assist new members with obtaining a handicap, and provide handicap verification. Your Handicap Committee is here to help you.

The Handicap Committee responsibilities include:


  • Seeing that all acceptable scores are posted per the USGA Handicap System

  • Ensure that all rounds posted were played according to the rules of golf

  • Perform checks of scoring records to assure that rounds are reflective of the member’s playing ability

  • Assist members with any corrections or edits of their scoring records

  • Be prepared to adjust a member’s handicap when appropriate

  • Maintain the integrity of members’ handicaps

    Members’ Responsibilities:

  • Follow the principles of the Rules of Golf and the USGA Handicap System

  • Post all acceptable rounds, including 9 hole scores at home and away

  • Scores are to be posted before the next Index Revision Cycle (see below)

  • Most Likely Score is recorded for holes not finished (e.g. picked up in match play); no limit to number of unfinished holes in a


  • For posting purposes, Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is used when a player reaches their maximum allowance on a hole.

    Equitable Stroke Control Table, 18-holes

Course Handicap: Maximum Number to be posted on ant hole:

9 or less Double Bogey

10 – 19 7

20 - 29 8

30 - 39 9

40 or more 10

What is an Acceptable Score?

  • If 13 or more holes are played in an 18 hole round

  • If 7 to 12 holes are played for a 9 hole round [GHIN system will combine two 9 holes]

  • Match play, stroke play, and team competitions

  • If a player is requested to pick up when out of contention, including team competitions

  • If a player is disqualified from a competition but has an acceptable score, it must be posted

    Acceptable Posting Methods:

    Posting scores immediately following the round at the course is the preferred method of posting. All acceptable scores should be posted by the member before the end of the Index Revision Cycle. The Index Revision Cycles end on the 14th day of the month and the last day of the month, at 8:00pm. For an event that is held on the 14th or the last day of the month, the member is expected to post that score by 8:00pm that day.

    Members can post using any of these available methods.

  • Posting computer at any USGA/ SCGA golf course utilizing GHIN

  • Directly by the player on the SCGA.org, GHIN.com, EWGA website, or WSCGA website

  • Return a signed scorecard to the Handicap Chair or Tournament Committee for posting (i.e. any Tournament Round)

    Handicap Committee Members:

  • Judy Hoyt, Handicap Chair (USGA Handicap Certified); judymhoyt@cox.net

  • Linda (Nicki) Nichols, Education Director, Handicap Com. Member, (USGA Handicap Certified); linda_nichols@comcast.net

  • Pat French, Handicap Committee Member (USGA Handicap Certified); patfrench2@verizon.net

    EWGA Mission Statement :

    EWGA is dedicated to providing opportunities for women to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf for business and for fun. EWGA provides members with the opportunity to understand the rules and etiquette of golf, to increase self-confidence on the golf course, to improve business golf skills, and most importantly to enjoy the game of golf.


References: USGA Handicap System; EWGA Chapter Manual, Handicap Chair; USGA Rules of Golf

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